Vista Shell Styles and Themes List

Seeing how hard it is to find themes for Vista, I decided to make this Topic. After searching around for quite some time, I have found some good Themes, and some bad ones.

First of all, you need to patch your UXtheme.dll if you haven't already. You can find that here, instructions are included.

When you download the theme, extract the files into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes. Right click on the desktop and go to Personalise, click on Window Colour and Appearance, then click Open classic appearance properties for more colour options. You will see that Windows Aero and Windows Vista Basic have been duplicated. Don't worry, they are the new themes. Click on them and you can change the theme as you wish.

Always read the ReadMe files.

Themes:Shell Styles:Please post any Themes or Shell Styles here that aren't listed. I will add them to the list asap. wink.gif

Enjoy wink.gif


Anonymous said...

what shell looks exactly like winows vista home addition???