Review of Apogee Search Marketing

The following is a paid review:

Apogee Search marketing solutions drive qualified, targeted visitors to B2B and B2C websites for more leads, customers, revenues and profits.

Instead of simply counting click-throughs or tracking vague "visibility" metrics, we zero in on the hard numbers that actually determine sales and profits. We're talking about solid, real-world measurements like -

• Specific number of completed lead forms
• Precise conversion rates
• Actual cost per lead, cost per sale
• Comparison of sales against search marketing investments
• Total revenues generated per day, week, month, quarter and year

SEO Services includes:

Paid Search Advertising: Complete Pay-Per-Click campaigns to test and identify the keywords and keyword phrases that drive leads and sales.

Natural Search Engine Optimization: Powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to bring more qualified visitors to your website, more effectively than ever before.

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Pay Per Call Management: Drive prospects directly to your phones - and only pay when they call.

Affiliate Marketing: An all-in-one program managed by Apogee to increase revenue through affiliate partner sites.

Search Engine Marketing Training: Detailed, hands on instruction in search engine marketing best practices.

Search Engine Marketing Analysis: Receive a free analysis of your website's performance in the search engines.