Tabs in Yahoo Messenger Hack

Yahoo Messenger is getting ready for the next version especially for Windows Vista which is being build up from ground level. The new Yahoo Messenger will have the Vista Aero look as default and lots of other new skins are also supported. One can integrate it with Windows Live Messenger and it also has other features like drag and drop with new emoticons, program icons and alert sounds.

Yahoo Messenger for Vista

But the most interesting feature is the tabbed IM windows. Like in the new Yahoo Mail beta which keeps all the mails you open in different tabs, you can group the IM windows under tabs in a single window. Though this is not yet officially released, some tweaks are released by Yahoo itself as it is already built in the current Yahoo messenger (Version 8.1).

Tabs in Yahoo Messenger

Two registry files are provided by Yahoo to turn it on and off. But it seems there are some functionality issues like no notification if there are new messages in the new tab and few others and these can be corrected with the utility provided by WackyB. This utility is mentioned by the Yahoo in their messenger blog.

Note: I tried and it is working for me but I don’t guarantee that everything may work properly in your system. If you are not patient enough to wait for the next version you can try this as anyhow you can turn off this tab at any point of time.