Don't attempt to crack Vista's Activation

ast couple of days there's been a big fuss about a relatively easy way to crack Vista's activation. I waited a bit before posting about it here, but after reading Robert McLaw's article in which he really explains nicely what it's all about, I decided it's time to write about it.

For a full explanation on how this crack works, check out Adrian's explanation on ZDNet.

Here is what Robert had to say which explains why you shouldn't use this method to activate your illegal copy of Vista. I could not have said it better:

Here's the problem with this, folks. Previous Windows cracks have used leaked corporate activations keys to unlock Windows, which only really hurts Microsoft. This method actively steals a valid Product Key from Microsoft customers, because most keys can only be activated once. Think about that for a second. What if your mom just got home from laying down $150 for Windows Vista Home Premium, only to get it home and install it, and find out that their key has already been activated. Now, Microsoft doesn't get hurt, because the key has been paid for. But now your mom is branded a pirate, and has to go through a giant hassle to get a new legitimate key.

Please, don't be an a$$hole [and] use this method of activating Vista. It's one thing if your target is Microsoft, it's quite another if your target is an unsuspecting consumer who shelled out their hard-earned money to upgrade their home computing experience. And Microsoft, I hope you can shut this one down, for your customers' sakes.

So guys, you heard it - please do not be an a$$ :)

If you really just HAVE to have Vista running more than 30 days which comes as a trial without the activation, use the known method and LEGALLY extend this time limit to up to 120 DAYS! I mentioned it here so read on.

Nice message Robert! Thanks!



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You little son of a... :) The stuff on my page is Copyrighted and you copied it word for word without even giving any credit .. Just amazing!

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