Defrag Faster Windows Vista

Instead of using the standard Windows Vista Defrag Tool, use the combination of Contig and PowerDefragmenter to make the process ten times faster.


1. Download Contig here.

2. Download PowerDefragmenter here.

3. Save both files in the same directory.

4. Run PowerDefragmenter and click next.

5. Choose options appropriate for you:

Defragment File(s): Defrags up to 4 files
Defragment Folder(s): Defrags up to 4 folders
Defragment Disk: Defrag disk
PowerMode(TM) Disk Defragmentation: Defrags two consecutive defragmentations while keeping the time the same.

6. This pops up Windows Disk Defragmenter…

7. That’s it!

Note: Contig works on OS version NT and above which means this may work for Windows 2000.


2Ps said...

Got DK installed, in my opinion its well worth the price, the automated on the fly defragz awesome