Flip 3D Shortcut

If you want a shortcut that launches the Flip 3D feature in Vista, heres how you do it:

- Right click on your desktop
- Select "New"
- Select "Shortcut"
- Type (or copy/pase) "RunDll32 DwmApi #105" into the location box
- Click "Next"
- Enter a name for your new shortcut
- Place it wheve ever you want

i find it to be usefull in the quicklaunch bar

EDIT: if you want to bind this shortcut to a key on your keyboard heres what to do:

- Right click on the shortcut
- Click "Properties"
- Click on the "Shortcut" tab
- Copy the Target of the shortcut
- Use the target of the shortcut instead of the actual location of the shortcut

I found that if you simply direct the program that binds your keys to a .exe it doesn't work, but if you use the target it works just fine



Moises said...

The same cammand line can be used to link Flip 3D to a Tap Zone on laptop mouse touch pads (Control Panel>Mouse>Gestures>Run:Select program to run: Enter shotcut command line.)

Serkan said...

forget all.. CTRL + Windows Logo + Tab ..