Easy File & Folder Access

Windows Vista has introduced an updated version of Windows Explorer which has a number of new features. Sometimes, new features can be confusing and take a while to get used to. One of the most common complaints of Windows Explorer is the fact that by default, it opens to you Documents folder. While this behavior is fine if that is the folder you want, it often means a number of clicks to get anywhere else.

There are actually a number of ways to quickly and easily access the files and folders you want, without having to go through all of the expanding and clicks that opening the default Explorer view demands. Some of these tips & tricks have been around for a while, but here we show you how to easily accomplish them in Windows Vista.

File and Folder Tips & Tricks:

1.) To access any drive or path in explorer, type the drive letter, or full folder path in the search bar or address bar.

2.) To easily access any drive directly in explorer, you can customize your start menu to show a menu for your computer drives.

  • Right click on the Vista Start Button and select Properties

  • On the Start Menu tab, click on the Customize button

  • In the first entry, under Computer, select the radio button that says Display as a menu

    Customize Vista Start Menu

    3.) To directly access all your files and folders from the task bar, you can create a custom Toolbar for your Computer.

  • Right click on an empty part of your task bar, select Toolbars>New Toolbar...

    Windows Vista Add Toolbar

  • From the 'New Toolbar - Choose a folder' dialog box, select Computer from the favorite links, or type in Computer in the Folder text box at the bottom.

    Windows Vista Custom Folder

  • Click the Select Folder to add the toolbar to your taskbar

  • Once you have added the toolbar, you can scroll navigate through context menu's to any file or folder on your computer. To open a file, just click on it. To open a drive or a folder, right click on it and select explore.

    Windows Vista Computer Task Bar